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Mountains in Clouds

Educating people how to recognize the space between stimulus and response and how they can empower themselves, providing tools to help everyone create a better, more thoughtful and friendly world.

Above the Clouds

Do No Harm Today was born in simple and ancient philosophy known as the Hippocratic Oath. Medical professionals have used this ancient doctrine, swearing to uphold specific ethical standards that include avoiding intentional wrongdoing and harm, sharing knowledge for the greater good, trustworthy action regarding confidential information and doing it for reasons that benefit all. Now, perhaps more than ever, a basic approach to thinking can provide a better way of living. 

Do No Harm Today has been “in the making” for years but the Covid pandemic along with the political and social atmosphere we find ourselves in today brought it to a point of action.


Unlike doctors, society as a whole doesn’t have a doctrine of acceptable behavior. We learn how to behave from our parents, our peers, our coworkers and many others. The problem is that many of those sources have become disinterested or selfish in their approach to passing along the meaningful nature of the “greater good”. Today, there seems to be few guidelines beyond self interest. In the past, there were guideposts to greater possibility however, many have become restrictive fence posts supporting the limited boundaries of mindless existence and herd mentalities.


Our ability to visualize ourselves in a better world begins with our ability to see ourselves clearly. An example of this would be one of the lessons from the pandemic. It’s very obvious now that there are no “others” that are disconnected from us. On the other side of the world, one person became infected with a highly contagious disease. One became two. Two became a thousand. A thousand became a million. It doesn’t really matter how or where. The simple fact is that there is no one who has not been affected. Humankind is one...there is no “other”. We are only as strong as the weakest among us and we must find our way back to a society that seeks to raise everyone in our common tide.


Learn How to Think.
Learn How to Live

Do No Harm Today is a call to action for everyone...and it starts with you, right now. Harm is as personal as self care and as big as global warming...and everything in between. You can take steps today to start your new way of thinking. Here are the building blocks.


Through the following principles,
I choose to Do No Harm Today by…

  • Seeing lessons in all situations that advance my growth.

  • Seeing value in everything and everyone, living and leading from an abundance mindset.

  • Believing that learning, growing and evolving are more important than being right.

  • Thriving on curiosity.

  • Listening deeply to everyone with the intention to understand, not respond. 

  • Maintaining an open mind while constantly questioning my beliefs and habits.

  • Maintaining a positive sense of humor.

  • Being aware of my own contributions to any problems and being quick to apologize for them.

  • Never compromising with honesty.

  • Listening more than I speak and hearing all sides of an issue, defending those who are absent.


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Bring the Do No Harm Today movement to your organization

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